Peters. - Posteingang 17,73 cm Strukturanalyse

A dialectic record between direct emotions and structuralized compositions. This is rad!

A noisy, loud, wild and   and rough record on one hand, structured and composed to it´s maximum level on the other. They set a benchmark with this four math songs for many bands that followed.


7" in gatefolded cover. Sold out!* ud013
Pressing: 500 7"
Date: 10/2004

Tracklist: A1. Coole Leute (Und Was Ich Schon Immer Mal Sagen Wollte) A2. Tagebuch (Niemals Gelebter Tage) B1. Senat Friszt Unmut (Oder Wie Er Sich Aufmachte Der Stadt Den Glamour Zu Bringen) B2. Schwanger Auf Der Kegelbahn Digital Bonustrack: C1. Watching Walls

Specification: 4 track 7inch in 3-sided gatefold cover manufactured DIY. designed by doro ottermann, hamburg - a close friend of the band.

*Still available as digital release.



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Peters. - Tagebuch (Niemals Gelebter Tage)

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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