Various Artists - Turn It Down (Music Against Nazi Subculture)

In the 90s germany fascist became a leading scene in europeans right wing and plays a leading roll in fascist music scene all over the globe.

Reactions on it vary between defencelessness and legal prohibition. But this doees not influence the problem in it´s roots.

In cooperation with Antifascist Press Archive (apabiz) and it´s internetproject Turn It Down ( this compilation features almost rare tracks by bands from hardcore and punkscene of 2004.

Turn Tt Down functions as a platform to inform about the general structure and changes in it of fascist cultural scene. The biggest nazi subculture in Europe exists due to activities by many Nazi-Bands, Venues, Mailorders and Labels. Turn It Down organizes Lectures about actual situation of it and trys to strengthen a left wing socialized culture by networking.


12" Vinyl LP includes 50 pg. booklet. Sold out. ud014
Pressing: 1000 LP
Date: 12/2004

Tracklist: A1. Duesenjaeger - Sekundenschlaf vs. Schweigeminute A2. Highscore - Hardcore Bores Me To Death A3. Chispas - Stagnation A4. Mad Minority - Kalifornien A5. Lattekohlertor - The Return Of German Rockmusic A6. Mallorys Last Dance -This Is How It Ends A7. Kobayashi - Neurosen A8. Grabowski - Wo Fang Ich An? B1. The Now Denial - Dusty Gunslinger Master B2. Jet Black - 48 h B3. Koyaanisqatsi - Weil Du Es Ja Weisst B4. El Mariachi - I Can´t Relax In Deutschland B5. Kassiopeia - Szenebrummkreisel B6. Escapado - Nur Der Gedanke  B7. Paranoia Keeps Crawling - Please Tell Us Again We´re Free B8. Daddy Longleg - Muerte Al Poder B9. Katzenstreik - Davy

Songs of our bands:
Jet Black - 48 h (Rehearsal Version) (exclusive release)
Katzenstreik - davy (Live) (exclusive release)
Mallorys last dance - this is how it ends (previously unreleased)

Specification: Black vinyl includes fat 50 pages booklet with linernotes of bands and labels to the issue of right-wing-culture plus some handouts by authors like Ingo Taler ("Hatecore", Author for Lotta - Antifascist Paper NRW, Der Rechte Rand and Referee for Antirassistisches Bildungsforum Rheinland (ARB))



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Mad Minority - Kalifornien

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I Can't Relax in Deutschland