Iskra - A Statue Or The Stone Subverting The Timezone

This beatoriented music is like a catharsis. A spark that burns down a deadlocked leftwing youthculture. One of our essentials!

Angry idealistic personal politics are vociferously delivered by a persuasive Flicke, who is out-front in reborn Kathleen Hanna or Carrie Brownstein stylee. Bass and drums rock solid and fuzzed twin guitars inventively entwine and fire sonically off each other. ?Bedroom or Dancefloor? is their funkiest, as the nervy hihat and chopping guitars deliver an infectious groove. Already ISKRA are the prospect that Pretty Girls Make Graves once were.

A distinctly a-typical German band ripping through 3 art-punk rockers like they are lost Kill Rock Star-classics or the excellent current Australian crop of Love Is All, Origami, and Operator Please.

7" in 2 sided gatefolded cover. Sold out!*
Cat. No.: ud021
Pressing: 500 7"

Tracklist: A1. Bedroom Or Dancefloor A2. Now Nothing, Then What? B1. A Statue Or The Stone, Subverting The Timezone B2. Bedroom Or Dancefloor (Juri Gagarin Remix)

Specification: 3 track 7inch EP plus a 4th Remix-Track in 2-sided gatefold cover. Two-coloured cardboard with white and naturally brown side, 80 covers printed on brown side, 410 on white.




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Iskra - Bedroom Or Dancefloor

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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