Katzenstreik - Emowürstchen

This is Katzenstreiks masterpiece. Arrangements and poetic deepness in absolute intense. A classic one!

the katzenstreik debut album (2000) mirrors a very personal era during which wound´n´scars needed to be attended to and needed mending in the process fuelling the becoming of the songs: »Emowürstchen« (2002) was stronger, less fragile. more energy as a result of healing brought about a statement of confession: noone out there to rightfully maintain they´re not emo! and so it was perceived: "Arschtritt Ins Licht" transmitted the message: don´t mess with yourself, direct your frusttration to the outside. music is the creative valve that allows us to emit the results of the process of digesting all the shit we´re confronted with in today´s world - and you get people to listen to that! The record combines emotional and sometimes sad themes in a very poetic way. The band has punkrock roots but on that record they fit their energy in a rockmusic dress. people who love bands like Superchunk will also love it as fans of Jawbreaker und Promise Ring. Lyrics are personal with a touch of political background.

Wonderful well-designed in a fanzine-format with hardcover
Cat. No.: ud020
Pressing: 500 CD

Tracklist: 1. arschtritt ins licht 2. you don´t have to fuck people over 3. day by day 4. massi attav 5. keine ahnung bongiovi 6. trompete 7. radikale seele 8. übersleben 9. vorgestern 10. edgar schmalz

Specification: Reissue of Freecore Records original release from 2002. Book includes exclusive illustrations, artistic print in blue/white beauty plus all lyrics and linernotes by the band. Not released on Vinyl.




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Katzenstreik - Arschtritt Ins Licht

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Katzenstreik - Day By Day

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Katzenstreik - Radio Blau on "Emo" (2006)

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Katzenstreik - Interviewed by Radio Z (2006)

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