Katzenstreik - IIII

A pure garage and punk album, full of noises and purposed imperfection.

This is a bit back to the roots, because their very first und almost unknown selftitled first Album was a pure garage/punkrock release. [more infos soon]

Gatefolded Cover includes fat friendship book plus an extra booklet with lyrics.
Cat.No.: ud019
Pressing: 1000 CD, 500 LP
Release: 4/2006

Tracklist: 1. davey 2. egobankrott 3. die ideale sind ins klo gegangen 4. shakedown 5. home again 6. doppelte buchführung 7. fake 8. we can have it all 9. sad.taub 10. bobbycar 11. wish i had 12. anker 13. fire 14. hassmaske disco 15. blackman 16. reißverschluß 17. antipatsong 18. learn to smile

Specification: gatefold hardcover LP, CD in exclusive gatefold jacket. both with lyricsheets and poetry book in which friends, such as a.m. thawn, agga from peace of mind, eve massacre, kleinstadthelden, freecore simme and many more, wrote a few personal lines.


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Katzenstreik - Davey

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Katzenstreik - Egobankrott

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Katzenstreik - Anker

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Katzenstreik - Radio Blau "Linksdreher"

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Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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