Mikrokosmos23 - Memorandum

Nothings greyer than grey.

Somewhere in between grace and seemingly shambolic beats there is a collage - like edgyness, surrounded by both guitars that always turn to big melodies only to prove straight after that they think stadium rock a big pile of crap.

The spiel between Post-Hardcore arrangements, catchy pop punk sing-a-longs and singer singwriter intimacy is purposefully used to break up familiar structures and in "Memorandum" leaps out for a memorable gesture, without denying or masking itself.


CD in ltd. Edition digipack, CD and LP cover free from fonts.

Cat.no.: ud034
Pressing: 1000 CD, 500 LP
Date: 08/2010

Tracklist: 1. Aurora 2. Und Da Bist Du 3. Knightrider Generation 4. Tau Von Morgen 5. Traurige Lippen / Traurige Stadt 6. ffwd / reset 7. Sie Warten Mittendrin 8. Irland 9. Schatzkarte Verloren teil 3 10. Zwei. Eins. Risiko 11. Donnerstag Ein Trümmerhaufen

Specification: 11 track full length in very charmant artwork and packaging. Frontcover by Debbie Tea, Jarkarta/Indonesia. Artwork by Sebastian Beatpunk, Hamburg. Produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser. First pressing limited to 100x vinyls including alternative cover plus CD-R with the whole album for digital use. First CD-pressing limited to 1000 digipacks.



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Mikrokosmos23 - Tau Von Morgen

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