Syn Error - Adorno Split

A liquid kind of screamo of Adorno crushes on the very sharp and edgy one of Syn Error.

Syn Error mark their best composition with "Lowered Expectations". A nearly epic song that shows all aspects one can love when listening to their special sound. It is noisy, distorted, sometimes melodic, sometimes brutal, beautiful as indiemusic can be, emotive sad sounding. It is genius that no single attribute compels this song. It is like an evidence not to be one of this generic European screamobands.

Adorno mark their most jazzy and maybe catchy songs ever written.  But of course this is subversive, like screamo can be. That´s why "Anchors Aweigh" ends in a total chaos after beatiful melodies surrounded you for a few minutes. But of course it is like an invitation to get to a show and sing each verse with 100 others. It is emotional, angry and full of passionate lyrics.

7" in open sleeve cover. ud024
Pressing: 500 7"
Date: 07/2008

Tracklist: A1. Adorno - Anchors Aweigh A2. Adorno - Timeline  B1. Syn Error - Lowered Expectations

Specification: Printed on cardboard, open sleeve that includes lyrics and liner notes printed inside. nice gimmick is a special hole-cut on back so that syn*error and adorno guys look through it.




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Adorno - Timeline

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