Syn Error - What Price, Wonderland? Split

Pulsing energy bursts out of each song of this split release 7".

A mix of guitar works, bass and drums with authentic vocals or screams  energy to this special point. Syn Error and What Price, Wonderland? are two very different bands. But they share an idea of critic on nowadays society. Doing that loud, energetic and without compromises makes this split 7" compulsively. That´s why this punk/indie/screamo 7" is not simple to dance, it longs for being more than a soundtrack for subversive entertainment.

What Price, Wonderland? (London, UK) and Syn Error (Berlin, GER) shared a bus, sleeping places, experiences and all that things being romanticized when looking back on the dirt and dust of a european wide tour. Playing scandinavia, France, Germany and a few other cities elsewhere was the main reason to put together works of both bands. Available on tour as a lo-fi produced CD-R the decision was clear to do this release on vinyl officially and available worldwide. Involved labels in other regions was Thank You Records (UK), Bear Records (USA) and Old Skool Kids (Russia).

7" in gatefolded grey cardbord. Sold out* ud026
Pressing: 750 7"
Date: 07/2008

Tracklist: A1. What Price, Wonderland? - Being Static B1. Syn Error - 92 B2. Syn*Error - If adventure had a name...

Specification: Brown print on grey cardbord, open back you can see the vinyl through plus extra black/white copied lyricsheet. 500 singles contain permuted labels. 250 singles do have correct A- and B-side labels. Reissue on white cardbord printed in b/w and lyricsheet printed on back, redesigned and still beautiful.




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Syn Error - 92

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