Todd Anderson - Zufluchtsort

It is like playing with two extreme poles producing a third.

"Zufluchtsort" is the title of record, it carries a metaphoric meaning, can be understood in english as asylum, harbor, shelter or haven.  Technic of using metaphors is a dominant one making this full length to a very special hardcore music experience.

Generic hardcore music is known for almost masculine and sometimes political attitudes, cut down on simple phrases and stupid aesthetics. Todd Anderson avoid traps by adding different dimensions to their compositions. This is art! In addition to political thoughts or analysis also personal levels take place. This opensa lot of possibilities on new ideas and influences for expression than a regular hardcore combo will ever have. 

As well as title of record lyrics are full of metaphors. I try not to mention handicapped words as "emotion" because frustration and anger dominate this record. It is not circulating around aspects like isolation or hopelessness from a emo´s point-of-view. "Zufluchtsort" is a fist in your face, demanding to open your eyes beside listening to your heart and not to give up in general. This is about strength and rebellion, to get a clear view on nowadays society under capitalist conductions: social problems, capitalisms piercing cold and the question of humanity at all.

Although this should not mean, contradicting feelings got no space in it. It is like playing with two extreme poles producing a third.


CD in Digipack. papership001
Pressing: 1000 CD
Date: 03/2008

Tracklist: 1. Waldtal 2. Nest 3. Bernstein 4. Untaten 5. Totenberg 6. Honig 7.  Wand 8. Ocker 9. Feuer




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Todd Anderson - Untaten

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