Captain Planet - Inselwissen

Captain Planet go on, consequent and individualistic. Tragic and even more mellow moments get in. Overwhelming!

Shadows grow if spotlight changes it´s position, shining in your back. It´s like with Captain Planet changing it´s point of view on »Inselwissen«. Did they narrate about childhood or youth this theme fades since »Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht« (Album, 2007) has been released. »Inselwissen« is less euphoric adventurous as early records. Therefor it is more on nowadays tragic, melancholy and bitterness, e.g. gentrification becomes a leitmotif on this record; single buildings or architectures got used as metaphors, being objective symbols of rememberance still collapsing. Everything changes and while other bands stagnate Captain Planet is alway on the move.

Yes, Captain Planet kept this typical sound and a very own kind of narration. And no, they aren´t do the motörhead releasing the same record on and on, only variing lyrics. You will love this record if you loved former ones (e.g. the first single "Rambo") and otherwise explore so much new facetes here (e.g. "Walbaby"). For sure!

CD in limited edition digipack cover. Reissue in jewelcase. Vinylversion printed inside/out. Out of stock.* ud030
Pressing: 1000 CD 500 LP
Date: 10/2009

1. Walbaby 2. Hans Dampf 3. Vom Fass In Den Regen 4. Blattsport 5. Blick Durch Den Lattenrost 6. Rambo 7. Knapp Unterm Dach 8. Der Rückbau 9. Miniaturwurzelwerke 10. Stühle Rücken 11. Parkhaus

Specification: Designed by Arne Von Twistern and Marco Heckler, both playing in the band. Digipack limited to first pressing. Vinyl printed inside/out and includes a stylish cardboarded innersleeve. First pressing limited to 66 coloured vinyls. First pressing of CD limited to 1000 digipacks. Reissues in jewelcase.

Reissued. Available as digital release.



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Captain Planet - Dunctonwood Webradio on "Songlenghts" (2009)

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Captain Planet - Dunctonwood Webradio on "Albumlenghts" (2009)

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