Clara Luzia Story

in april 2006 her band "alalie lilt" splitted, so clara worked on her first solo album. "railroad tracks" has been released the same year on her newly founded label asinella records, a place for her own music as well as friends like mika vember and others. not ment as pr-blahblah her haunting voice and intimate arrangements causes goose bumps and this might be the reason why "railorad tracks" got a wide spread and a lot of attention in the austrian indie- and mainstream press, also some freaky webzines presented her song "blurry" on various compilations. the biggest austrian daily Wiener Zeitung put her as some kind of rebellion in opposite to glamourous pop product girls like Christina Stürmer. Tours in central europe followed and soon she worked on her second album "the long memory". Putting Clara Luzia in the drawer that says "touchy-feely guitar-pop" means you are missing something here. True: it is quiet and it might sound a bit sentimental at first. But wait until Clara Luzia starts to pull you into her subtle universe of sophisticated kitsch - and rest assured, it will happen. With "Railroad Tracks" Clara Luzia has set a standard - don't follow if you have no head for heights!

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