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Born at countryside between Elbe- and Weser-River Jan Arne von Twistern, Sebastian "Badda" Habenicht und Benjamin "Benni" Sturm shared it´s childhood and youth. Being at the same kindergarten, soccer club and taking lessons in music, sharing important moments like being drunken the first time, starting several bandprojects and cultural experiences: Mid-90s-Skatepunk-career, Rehearsal room at the local youth center and a villagedisco", as Arne sa

At the rehearsal Arne, Benni, Badda and Bassplayer Henrik found Lizard Loo. This band is about being loud and fast, influenced by westcoast melodycore swapping from usa to europe at this time.  At this time Marco plays guitar at Youth Academy, a punkband from Darmstadt.

2003 Lizard Loo split.


Influenced by At The Drive-In, Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits, Weakerthans or Hot Water Music as well as bands such as El Mariachi or Katzenstreik popularized in Germany new arrangements and different lyrics the decision was to write on new material and undergo a change. No more double-bass, less guitar effect equipment and a less shouting more singing vocals, changing it´s language into german and leave pseudo-political lyrics behind.

Captain Planet was the result of these consequences. Straight Punkrock with a decent influence Pop without drifting into plattitude. Founding 2003 they quickly recorded first demos and started 2004 recording songs for their debut. Unterm Pflaster Der Strand was released in 2005 and got a huge response. From then on the band continously toured Germany up and down, gave single concerts in Austria or Luxembourg. Captain Planet became the most active band on unterm durchschnitt, played over 60 shows in 24 months. At the half the debut was sold out.

Shortly before Bassplayer Henrik left the band, September 2005. Marco replaced him. Autumn 2006 the band released a strictly limited Split-Tape with Matula, a band the band played about hundret shows together with. Two outtakes from the 7" recordings found it´s place on it.


February 2007 the band focused on recording new material to release an Album. "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht" has been produced by Hauke Albrecht, known from his work with other influencial bands such as Turbostaat and others. unterm durchschnitt released this record October 2007. Captain Planet got it´s break-thru with it. It was rapidly sold out in less than three months and dailies as well as magazines were fulsome in it´s praise of Captain Planet for this work. Several journalists titled as "Album of the Week/Month/Year" and influencial Weekly Die Zeit did a huge report on them. Meanwhile the band did it right and stood on the road for touring up and down, from east to west and back. In one year the band played over 70 shows. 

Marco produced a videoclip for "So much water, so close to home" in spring 2008 and the mediacoverage was still huge. For december 2008 the band decided to release a split vinyl with friends and asked Kids In Misery, a new DIY label from hamburg for release. In cooperation with unterm durchschnitt it finally found it´s way titled "Kids In Misery Split 10""with a new recording of Captain Planet´s first song ever: "Eingekehrt".


April 2009 the band returned to studio with Hauke Albrecht, to record new material. Titled as "Inselwissen" the bands 2nd album will be released in october 2009. 




  • 1,2,3, lasst die leute frei (solidarity for people in prison 2006)
  • unterm durchschnitt mixtape 2006
  • caf exil hamburg soli compilation 2006
  • schenk mir deine liebe 2006
  • Soli fr das Fatal in Landau 2009
  • Fair Trade Merch 2009
  • for films edit. 14 2009



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