Captain Planet - Unterm Pflaster der Strand

Distilling youth and fledgeling as thesis and antithesis in their music, which is almost uptempo and straight, is one but not the only strength of this EP.

"Baumhaus" became a hymn in nowadays youthculture, but all four tracks inherent a unbelievable strength lyric- and musicwise.

Lyricist Arne Von Twistern (Musician, Artist, Designer, Poet) provides the music of Captain Planet a unique character.  words he choses and a technic how to associate each line with the composition is the point it´s magic rises. There seem to be no compromise for lyrics to a one and a half minute song, there is no riff of his or Benjamin Sturms guitar knocking it off. On one hand Melodies that swing from line to line out of the strings´ work and seem to protect the beauty of lyrics. Other hand these (melodies) got smashed on heavy punk- and hardcoreish breaks.

When listening to their uptempo music, you´ll hear a critical tongue. Also in the very intelligent lyrics of Arne and sometimes Benjamin there is much critical potential. Otherwise the kind of writing songs is not one of that wagging fingers including a speech as from above.

That might be one reason Captain Planet´s music always stays dissonant, saves it´s subversively.

7" in 3sided gatefolded cover. Sold out!* ud017
Pressing: 500 7"
Date: 08/2005

Tracklist: A1. Baumhaus A2. 3 Meter Noch Zum Glück B1. Neues Vom Ende Der Schlange B2. Ausgezeichnet C1. Tod In Der Heide* C2. Schäfchen Zählen*

Specification: 4 track 7inch EP in 3-sided gatefold cover plus a nice surprise. Handnumbered from 1 - 500. Reissued in simple coversleeve plus lyricsheet. Designed by Arne Von Twistern, singer and guitarist of the band.

 *Still available as digital release.


Contact info

unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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