Katzenstreik - Move

A wake-up call, even more alive than the coverfronted skull.

Katzenstreik are back! Got stucked in identity crisis Katzenstreik free themselves with a special move. Moments caused confusion on their latest records, »Move«. is as the title promises a consequent answer on all the questions being left 2006. 

Charming lyrics straight from the heart between personal and political poles, a bright wall of guitars between melody and noise plus that typical drum play that still pushes forward.

This record was financed by many fans paying money to enable studio- and recordingcosts.


CD in digipack includes leporello booklet. Free download included.
Cat.no.: ud032
Pressing: 1000 CD
Date: 12/2009

Tracklist: 1. Homecome (pssst) 2. Do It 3. Bone 4. Change 5. Amagedon Hot Chicks 6. Are You Really Connected 7. Eat 8. Conditions 9. Boy 10. Laeufer 11. Move 12. Love Is A Battlefield 13. Reconnection 14. Shot

Specification: Design by Michael Schulte. Leporello includes linernotes by Tobi and Bolle.




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Katzenstreik - Are You Really Connected

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Katzenstreik - Laeufer

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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