Various Artists - The Anti Rockstar Revolution

A put together by a grunge community. This was a try to re-initialize a ciritical popculture with various indiebands between garage, grunge and mathrock.

people feeling involved to autonomous idea of popculture had the idea to work out an compilation meaning more than music. being contacted to help here we said promptly yes.

the comunity put together the setting for this compilation and worked out a text-sheet ment as a ciritc on the mainstream and medias roll. musically it was a 14 track compilation by 7 european garagerock bands between destruction and melody.

CD in Jewelcase ud010
Pressing: 1000 CD
Date: 12/2002

Artists: 1. Maluma - Große Erwartung 2. Black Box Pilot - No Way 3. Lunalone - Anthem To A Dead Subject 4. Peters. - Subjekt-Objekt 5. Chäirwalk - Golden 6. Trustgame - Drown In Me 7. Sick Condition - Falling Away 8. Chäirwalk - Golden Presley 9. Lunalone - Cookiewalk 10. Maluma - Verwahrlosung 11. Peters. - Watching Walls 12. Black Box Pilot - Your Love 13. Sick Condition - Me And My Rebellion 14. Trustgame - Inside



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Maluma - Verwahrlosung

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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